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The Truth About 6 Common Food Myths

Fitness With Maria

maria pontillo Fitness With Maria Food MythsThe Internet has given people across the world convenient access to information and knowledge — unfortunately, a lot of that information is misleading, especially regarding health and food topics.  False nutritional, fitness and health information is believed by the masses in part because of billion dollar advertising campaigns and deceitful food labeling.  Calculated marketing ploys combined with the viral effects of social media have convinced millions of people to practice food and health habits that are more harmful than beneficial.  It amazes me when I hear my fitness clients talk about inaccurate health information and theories that they are practicing. So many people are leading what they think is a healthy lifestyle, when in actuality, it’s not. Although it’s only a tiny percentage, my lifestyle & health consultation services have allowed me to promote and correct health and fitness information among many South Floridians.

Did you know that food manufacturers…

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Culinary .net

My Meals are on Wheels

Yesterday I came across a web site, Culinary .net, and it’s full of nothing but great tips, coupons, recipes and more! If you get a chance check it out, you’ll love it!

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Homemade Foccacia Bread

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Food is FREE – honestly…

Life Intent

It often puzzles me that food isn’t more often free… In fact, when we think about it, it kind of is, as most months of the year, there is something that can be foraged from nature to fill our tummies.

With a little work looking around our neighbourhoods for wild food and working together with the people living in our community growing fresh fruits and vegetables, we really could have that ‘free lunch‘ that economists say doesn’t exist.

Here’s the story of the Food is Free Project – Bon Appetite…

Fancy making one of their raised wicking beds to share with your neighbourhood?

You got it!

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The making of paella

travels with toby

I have made paella many times using this same recipe for about 30 years.  It came from a now closed restaurant in Los Angeles called La Masía.  And this time I decided to document so that I could share the process.  Rather than write out the recipe because, after all, you can find the basic recipe online and there are many variations, I’ll just show the basic steps.  The thing I love about paella is that you can pick and choose what you want in it. For example, the recipe I use calls for lobster tails and crab legs.  I’ve never put lobster tails nor crab legs in my paella but I certainly  could add one or both if I so desire.  It’s truly up to the cook.

First, assemble your ingredients which means cutting up the meat and chopping up the veggies and garlic:

Heat olive oil in your…

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7 Distractions When Having A Bad Time

HA's Place

We all feel bad sometimes. Sadness invades the whole thought-process and we could do nothing but being melancholic about our whole situation. There is another bad, when you are in depression, you lose yourself in the world that pulsates within the contours of your mind. These are the times when you tend to hurt yourself. Sometimes you make a decision you might regret later on. Just remember you are not alone and try to distract yourself away from your own self. That is a way of dealing with it. There are medications, which might turn your mind off and make you go to sleep but distractions are a much better alternative according to me.

Here I am going to discuss seven such distractions:-

1. Talk to Someone: You tend to part yourself from the world when something like that happens. You want no living soul in your vicinity but…

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